2012 Central School Soap Box Derby Project


 CLICK HERE for tips on buiding your own soap box trolley and organising your own Soap Box Derby



 In 2012 the Club was approached by Tracey Watkins a Teacher at Central School looking to involve the Club in a Soap Box Derby for the 5 year olds at the School.

The idea is that starting with a few basic items, block of wood, wheels an empty 1kg laundry detergent box (and this is where the idea gets its name - Soap Box Derby) the children then set about designing their own trolley which they race against each other down an elevated race track built by Tim Bayley.


(Left)  Experienced trolley drivers Xan Twissell and Poppy Ford speak to the children at Central School about their experiences in the Robertson's Collingwood Street Trolley Derby.




(Above) Starting lineup on practice day

(Left) Race track set up in Trinity Hall

(Below) Children eagerly awaiting the outcome of each race